Cat and Dog-by Rozanne Lanczak Williams - Paperback Book

Cat and Dog-by Rozanne Lanczak Williams - Paperback Book

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Cat and Dog painted a picture of the same thing. But, boy, do they look different!

Literacy Concepts Sight Words Phonics
  • Compare and contrast
  • Context clues
  • and
  • took
  • out
  • the
  • too
  • a
  • put
  • away
  • Vowel digraph /ai/, as in paint
Vocabulary Words Related Learning Skills
  • paints
  • sun
  • grass
  • tree
  • flower
  • picture
  • Recognizing dialogue
  • Recognizing punctuation: commas, quotation marks
  • Recognizing that an -ed ending is added to some words to show that an action occurred in the past (for example, paint becomes painted

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